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C-TEC series: safe and robust

The units of the C-TEC series work with ultra capacitors inside the housing as energy storage. If the DC supply is interrupted, the energy of the ultracapacitors is released in a controlled manner. The load is supplied by the buffer module until it is discharged. The buffer time depends on the state of charge of the capacitor and the discharge current.




Highlights of the C-TEC series at a glance

  • maintenance-free due to long-life ultracapacitors
  • microcontroller-supported charging and discharging of the ultracapacitors
  • Operating and charging status monitoring via LEDs
  • maximum fast charging through active charging current control
  • IPC management through time- and output current-triggered switch-off function
  • numerous customised parameterisation options via USB interface

The C-TEC series

Devices with DC input

C-TEC 2403
C-TEC 2403 USB
C-TEC 2410 2 kJ
C-TEC 2410 5,8 kJ
C-TEC 2410 13,4 kJ
C-TEC 2410 27,6 kJ
C-TEC 2420
C-TEC 2425 P
C-TEC 2440 P
C-TEC 1203
C-TEC 1210 2 kJ
C-TEC 1210 5,8 kJ
C-TEC 1210 13,4 kJ
C-TEC 1210 27,6
C-TEC 1225 P
C-TEC 4815 P