Our UPS systems

Due to the increasing digitisation in data centres and industry, the requirements for a secure power supply are constantly rising. Voltage fluctuations and load peaks make the grid unstable and lead to serious data losses and production downtimes.

We have a solution!

As a UPS manufacturer with 35 years of experience, we develop a wide range of UPS systems from small ones with a few VA up to three-phase UPS systems. We help you to find your UPS system to protect and secure your data and processes.


After the sale, our excellent UPS service supports you in maintenance and servicing and thus in securing the power supply. If required and for a short-term solution, rental UPS systems with different capacities are available.


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Advantages of UPS systems

  • Protecting your machinery and equipment from power outages
  • Avoidance of production downtimes
  • Increasing the quality of the power supply
  • Reduction of peak loads
  • Compensation of voltage fluctuations
  • Protection of data centres against data loss
  • Protection of industrial plants from an uncontrolled process stop

Areas of application - Uninterruptible power supply (UPS systems)

Three UPS technologies are available for different requirements and applications: Offline UPS, Line-Interactive UPS and Online UPS. You know the area of application - we know the selection of the right UPS technology. Even for special requirements, such as in security technology, we find the perfect solution with our products and services.

Our UPS systems cover the following areas of application:

  • workstations, server, storage systems, data centers
  • UPS as frequency converters for export or for test benches
  • UPS systems for production lines
  • UPS systems for industry and large loads
  • UPS for fans and smoke extraction systems
  • UPS as central power supply system according to EN50171
  • UPS for peak shaving (peak shaving)
  • UPS for micro-interruptions and mains failures in the range of seconds (capacitor-buffered UPS systems)