Quality policy

The expectations of our customers, the best use for the users, the state of the art combined with the highest possible safety and the legal regulations and standards define the quality of our products.


We strive to convince through high reliability of all products and services in the competition. This guideline establishes principles that must be fulfilled to produce quality.

  1. All products, activities and decisions must comply with the requirements of the client or the market, the legal regulations, the rules of technology and the internal requirements of the company.
  2. Quality is a determining component for the existence of our company.
  3. Every employee has to contribute to the quality assurance by fulfilling the given tasks.
  4. Quality must be planned from the earliest stages of development. Prevention of errors takes precedence over error detection or troubleshooting.
  5. Changes to a product may only be made if it has been proven and documented that the quality requirements will continue to be met. A product may only be delivered or released when the requirements have been met and proven. Same rules apply to services.
  6. Our processes are constantly analyzed and their course is monitored. When solving problems, our employees are involved to ensure the sustainability and acceptance of the measures. Through this procedure, a continuous improvement process takes place.
  7. The company ensures the safety of its employees by providing appropriate resources and equipment. For safety, the procedures listed under point 6 also apply. Similarly, the company will seek to ensure that suppliers respect human rights and the safety of their employees, and only select suppliers who ensure this.
  8. For Railway (IRIS) there is a business plan (5.3.1). The business plan is reviewed annually by the management and QMB. It contains the policy and strategy for the desired market penetration, thus ensuring the fulfillment of customer needs.

Announcement of the quality policy

The quality policy of J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH is published to the employees of the company via a notice board and published on the company's website.