Switching power supplies for your DC power supply

Due to the switching technology used, switched-mode power supplies are very compact and lightweight compared to conventional regulated or unregulated power supplies. This makes them particularly suitable for use in the control cabinet. The simple mounting on top-hat rails additionally facilitates handling. Our primary switched-mode power supplies are reliable and efficient DC power supplies with sufficient power reserves.

Our switching power supply portfolio is available with single-phase input UNOTEC N or with three-phase input TRETEC N.



Highlights of the UNOTEC N und TRETEC N Series

Power Boost

Thanks to the Power Boost function, they have sufficient power reserves to safely handle even high inrush currents. The units of the TEC N series can provide 150% for a short time and that for 4 seconds (UNOTEC N) or 5 seconds (TRETEC N).

Wide voltage range

Due to the wide input voltage range, our switched-mode power supplies are particularly suitable for global use. Input voltages of 110 V in the single-phase range or 450 V with the three-phase TRETEC N are no problem for our primary switched-mode power supply units. They reliably supply the connected loads with 24 V DC +/- 1%.

High efficiency

The high efficiency of up to 95% is the result of minimal power loss. This reduces operating costs. At the same time, surrounding components and the units themselves are protected by low waste heat. Compact control cabinets can be made smaller. All this saves costs and also protects the environment.

Current limitation

In the event of an overload, the output voltage is regulated via a constant current. To reliably protect the switching power supply from damage due to overload,

the current is limited to 100% of the nominal current, in power boost mode to 150%. Both series of units stand for high reliability. The MTBF (Mean-Time-Between-Failures) of the power supply units of the TRETEC N series is as high as 1,000,000 hours.

DC power supply as safety transformer

In addition to the primary switched-mode power supply units for DC power supply, we also offer unregulated power supply units, single-phase or three-phase with 230 V or 3 x 400 V or multi-range voltage input. Our power supply units are extremely robust and are suitable for supplying insensitive consumers such as contactors, valves and relays. They are designed as transformers according to DIN VDE 0570 T2-6, EN 61558-2-6.

Unregulated power supply units single-phase

Input: 230/400 V AC +/- 5 %, 50/60 Hz, Waving < 5 %

Output: 24 V DC 

Typs Power Current
NGEI 2402 60 W 2,5 A
NGEI 2405 120 W 5,0 A
NGEI 2410 240 W 10,0 A

Multi-range voltage input

Input: 115/415/440/460 V AC

Output: 24 V DC 

Typs Power Current
NGEX 2402 60 W 2,5 A
NGEX 2404 96 W 4,0 A
NGEX 2407 180 W 7,5 A
NGEX 2412 288 W 12,0 A

Unregulated power supply units three-phase

Input: 230/400 V AC +/- 5 %, 50/60 Hz, Waviness < 5 %

Output: 24 V DC 

Typs Power Current
NGDI 2410 240 W 10,0 A
NGDI 2415 360 W 15,0 A
NGDI 2420 480 W 20,0 A
NGDI 2430 720 W 30,0 A
NGDI 2440 960 W 40,0 A

Multi-range voltage input

Input: 3 x 200/240/254/266/277/289/346/415/440/460/480/500 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Waving < 5 %

Typs Power Current
NGDX 2408 192 W 8,0 A
NGDX 2413 312 W 13,0 A
NGDX 2417 408 W 17,0 A
NGDX 2426 624 W 26,0 A