Guideline for Health and Safety

The safety and health policy of J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH is aimed at all employees of the company and defines the social responsibility of the company. The aim of the Safety and Occupational Safety Management System (SAM) is the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety.

Safety and occupational safety is the task of the management, supervisors and employees!


All employees work responsibly in the daily application of occupational safety measures. Everyone has the duty to point out recognized dangers as well as the right to eliminate potential dangers.


The health and safety of our employees are part of our corporate objective and are the responsibility of the company management.

1.1.1 Laws and regulations

J. Schneider is committed to complying with laws and regulations. Cooperation with authorities, institutions and qualified partners is constantly being maintained. The works council is involved in the planning and implementation of occupational safety measures.


1.1.2 Safety at work

An integral part of the OSH management system is to design the organization and facilities in such a way that the safety and health of the employees are not compromised. Preventive measures are in the foreground here.


1.1.3  Information and Training

The company creates the possibility of training on "occupational safety". All employees have the responsibility and the duty to take advantage of this offer and to implement the knowledge gained from it.


1.1.4 Investments

The resources required under the safety and health and safety management system are planned and provided in coordination with the management.


1.1.5 Verification of effectiveness

The effectiveness of the decisions and measures taken is regularly reviewed. Internal and external audits are used to safeguard this health and safety policy and to fulfill the specified goals.


The potential for improvement is identified and the appropriate measures initiated.


1.1.6 Notice of security policy

The security policy of J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH is published to the employees of the company via a notice board and published on the company's Website.