C-TEC 2420

Maintenance-free because of long-life ultra-capacitors
Microcontroller based charging and discharging of the ultra-capacitors
Control of operation and status of charge with potential-free contacts and LED
Compatible to TECControl-Software
Communication with an IPC via USB or RS232 cable possible
Parameterizable via USB interface
Capacity extension possible with external capacitor extension modules
Cyclic capacitor test during mains operation
Big temperature range -40° C up to 60° C

Art.-no. : NCPA0747G01003

Technical Data

Energy 8 kJ
input voltage 24 V DC (-2,5 + 15%)
output voltage in back-up model 23,2 V DC ±2 %
nominal output current 20 A DC
dimensions (H x B x T) 192 x 84 x 192
weight 2,2 kg