DC UPS systems for securing controls and processes

Uninterruptible power supplies with DC output from J. Schneider ensure, for example, a safe process stop in the event of voltage interruptions or voltage fluctuations. Chargers for ultracapacitors and batteries as well as suitable accessories complete the range. 

The buffer modules are characterised by the following features:

  • microcontroller-supported charging and discharging
  • deep discharge protection by load shedding as standard
  • Shut-down function
  • adjustable back-up time
  • cascadable power supply for special systems

Advantages of a DC UPS system of J. Schneider

  • robust technology
  • large product range in the power range 0.2 - 600 A
  • Voltages from 12/24/48 V DC
  • development and production exclusively in Germany
  • development of customised complete systems
  • many programmable features
  • production for safety applications
  • certifications according to VdS, EN 54-4 and UL864 for 3 A, 6 A and 9 A

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The DC UPS systems of the AKKUTEC-line are buffered with batteries. This means that very long buffer times can be achieved. The ready-to-connect units are characterised in particular by:


  • Standby parallel operation, buffer operation
  • Master-slave operation for increased performance
  • redundant operation possible for more system security
  • series connection for voltage increase up to 48 VDC
  • boost charging can be activated via ground-related control input
  • battery circuit monitoring and battery test
  • Internal resistance measurement of the battery (AKKUTEC VdS and Upsotec)
  • Charging of different battery types (AGM batteries, LiIon, starter batteries, pure batteries)

C-TEC line

The DC buffer moduls of the  C-TEC and AC-C-TEC as well as of the CAPTEC and AC CAPTEC line work with ultracapacitors as an energy storage inside the side provide a safe energy storage when necessary. They are maintenance-free and long-life. Besides different back-times they deliver a short-time peak current (booster).


  • compact design, assembled in one housing
  • expandable for longer back-time
  • maintenance-free
  • operation under extreme temperatures possible
  • deep discharge protection, thus unlimited storage period

  • no gas generation, installation in hermetic seated housing possible

  • fast availability because short recharge time after discharge

  • high cycle stability



The devices of the UPSOTEC series can charge both batteries and ultracaps. They have a modular interface and can be extensively parameterised via the appropriate software.


  • microcontroller-supported charging and discharging of the device
  • charging of accumulators and ultracapacitors
  • mains monitoring via potential-free contact, LED and optional software
  • charge status display of the accumulators via traffic light principle (LED red/yellow/green)
  • Vibration-proof wiring due to spring-loaded technology
  • high efficiency
  • wide temperature range -25°C to 50°C