From a Vision to the Final Product

At J. Schneider Elektrotechnik, technology is backed up by an innovative development team of hardware and software developers, electronic engineers and skilled workers. Our engineers and technicians respond to constant market observation at an early stage; client's projects for the future are identified and jointly realized. This high degree of engineering potential reflects our feeling for quality, so that we are open for tomorrow's ideas and tasks.

New Developments open new Horizons

In order to survive in the global market, we constantly and continually redefine our product range: together with the customer and in close cooperation with technical institutes and universities, new products are developed and produced.


Customized Solutions

We have made our brochure / homepage easy to use in order to assist you in finding the power supply to satisfy your requirements. If you are not finding the power supply which meets your requirements, we would be pleased to develop a customized solution for you

Distribution and Service

Since development, production, distribution and service lay at the company of J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH in one hand, a close teamwork in each stage of the lifecycle is granted. Further developments are made close to the market requirements, customer specified modifications are realized in tight cooperation between sales department and development department. Very good product acknowledgement guarantees an optimized service and maintenance.

Made in Germany

All J. Schneider high voltage / plasma power supplies were developed and produced in Germany. Before delivery, each of these power supplies undergo a final device test and a burn-in test

Used Circuit Topology

The High voltage power supplies comes within the modern CFC (Current Fed Converter) technology, a digital regulation as well as a configurable Arc-management. The extreme compact high voltage devices had our patented Arc current limitation included, which limits the output current up to max 5 times of the nominal output current and therefore the process runs more smoothly and stable. Those enhance optimal results regarding the process quality. For control every high voltage power supply would delivered within a galvanic isolated analogue / digital I/O-interface and RS232-interface. The interfaces are partially powered by a separate 24V supply. This ensures communication with the high voltage even when the interlock circuit is open.




Advantages at a glance
  • rugged current-fed Technology
  • high frequency design for fast tansient Response and low Output ripple
  • high efficiency
  • very low output energy
  • patented Arc-current Limitation to max. 5 times nominal
  • very fast an dmulitple Arc detection and fast Response
  • easy adjust of Control and steering Parameters due to digital Technology
  • fully digital Control leads to
    - fast Control loop
    - fast reaction to unsteady Events e. g. an arc
    - smooth Tuning of the process
  • logging of all supply of the process
  • bootloader for service


All J. Schneider high voltage power supplies were developed and produced in Germany. Before delivery, each of these power supplies undergoes a final device test and a burn-in test at 40°C ambient temperature under full load. Each device has a unique serial number, which ensures traceability over the entire life cycle of the product.