For high voltage glow processes with: 


DC poltage,

unipolar pulsed voltage

or bipolar pulsed voltage 


at the output

Art.-no. : GLOWTEC***

Power supplies for high voltage glow processes and more

The glow discharge power supplies of the GLOWTEC series are switch-mode power supplies that work with the state-of-the-art current fed converter technology. By the use of this technology the output of the power supply acts like a current source, which is ideal for the use in glow discharge and high voltage plasma processes. Current, voltage and power reach excellent precision due to digital regulation.
Each of these power supplies comes with an integrated configurable arc management. For simple DC glow discharge processes the GLOWTECDC is the right choice. It limits the output current by a resistor. For more sophisticated DC processes a patented and optionally integrated arc current limitation is available. It restricts the output current to max. five times of the nominal current during an arc.

The GLOWTECDCp delivers a square wave unipolar pulsed output voltage up to 5 kV (8 kV on request) at an output frequency of 76 kHz.  
The GLOWTEC AC a bipolar pulsed output voltage up to 5 kV (8 kV on request) at an output frequency of 38.5 kHz. The duty cycle can be adjusted in a wide range from 1 up to 11.8 μsec.

Technical Data

Input voltage 3 x 400 V AC +/- 10 %
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz +/- 5 %
Output voltage Vav continuous, stable adjustment from 0 to rated voltage/current/power/ -strom / -leistung
  2 kV to 60 kV
Output power 2 kW to 15 kW (21 kW) (higher power can be realized by parallel connection)
Nom. output frequency DC pure DC
Nom. output frequency DCp unipolar pulsed 76 kHz
Nom. output frequency AC bipolar pulsed 38.5 kHz
Duty cycle (DCp and AC): adjustable from 7.6 % to 93.8 % (1 to 12.2 μsec)
Analogue set point 0 – 10 V for voltage/current/power directly proportional
Analogue monitor 0 – 10 V voltage/current/power directly proportionaldirekt proportional
Digital inputs / outputs enable HV, HV ok, error
RS232 PLC mode or Terminal mode
Field bus Profibus / Canbus / Ethercad als Option


Pre cleaning

  • Linear ion sources
  • High voltage plasma like PECVD
  • Glow discharge
  • Micro wave processes
  • Ion beam sputtering
  • Corona treatment