power supply suitable especially for e-beam welding

Art.-no. : WELTEC***

Power supply for E-beam welding and more

The power supplies of the WELTEC series are specially developed for e-beam welding, e-beam melting, industrial x-ray applications and sterilization applications.

The high voltage power supplies come with the current fed converter technology:

  • a digital regulation
  • our patented arc current limitation
  • a configurable arc management.


The arc current limitation restricts the output current in case of an arc. Therefore the process runs more smoothly and stable. The WELTEC devices are water-/oil-cooled and can be featured with more auxiliary equipment such as heat or Wehnelt supply. They are available with output voltages of 60, 120 or 150 kV and with output ratings of 7.5, 10 and 15 kW.

Technical Data

Input voltage 3 x 400 V AC +/- 10 %
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz +/- 5 %
Output voltage continuous, stable adjustment from 0 to rated voltage/current/power
  More details please see selection table
Touch panel  
Analogue set point 0 – 10 V for voltage/current/power directly proportional
Analogue monitor 0 – 10 V voltage/current/power directly proportional
Digital inputs / outputs enable HV, HV ok, error
RS232 PLC mode or Terminal mode
Field bus Profibus / Canbus / Ethercad als Option


E-beam welding

is a fusion welding process in which a beam of highvelocity electrons is applied to two materials to be joined.


  • E-beam sterilization
  • E-beam welding
  • E-beam melting
  • Cold cathode EB gun
  • Industrial X-ray