power supply, developped for capacitor charging

for precise charging of the capacitors


Art.-no. : CAPTEC***

Power supply for capacitor charging

The capacitor charge power supplies type CAPTEC are switch-mode power supplies that work with the state-of-the-art current fed converter technology. By the use of this technology the output of the power supply acts like a current source, which is ideal for the charge of capacitors. The regulation of current, voltage and power reaches excellent precision by the use of the digital regulation board.
After the device has been switched on, the power supply unit charges the connected capacitor to the set point value Uout. The charging time depends on the capacity as well as the adjusted set points for Iout and Pout.  When the device has reached the desired output voltage, the power supply switches off automatically. This can be reported via all interfaces. If the output voltage falls below the adjusted value, the power supply stays inactive until the adjusted pause time is over before it starts again autonomously with the next charging cycle.
The release does not have to be removed during the charging and discharging phase. A counter keeps the  current number of loads since the last release. If the capacitor to be charged must be held in the charged state for an extended period of time, it is possible to activate the so-called „maintenance charge“. The power supply always charges the capacitor according to the adjusted value as soon as the actual value of the output voltage deviates by a defined quantity.

Technical Data

input voltage 3 x 400 V AC +/- 10 %
frequency 50 / 60 Hz +/- 5 %
output voltage continuous, stable adjustment from 0 to rated voltage / current / powerg
  1 kV to 60 kV
output power 1 kJ/sek. to 7.5 kJ/sec up to 60 kV (higher voltages on request))
  1 kJ/sek. to 10.5 kJ/sec up to 40 kV (higher powers realized by parallel connection)
analogue set point 0 - 10 V for voltage / current / power directly proportional
analogue monitor 0 – 10 V voltage/current/power directly proportional
digital inputs / outputs enable HV, HV ok, error
RS232 PLC mode or Terminal mode
field bus Profibus / Canbus / Ethercad als Option


Capacitor charge

  • Flash lamp annealing
  • Testing applications
  • Shock wave recycling
  • Marx generator
  • Products, which deliver bursts of pulsed energy