High voltage power supply for linear ion sources, which work according to the anode layer principle. 

Art.-no. : LITEC***

Powr supply for linear ion sources

The high voltage power supplies of the LITEC series are water-cooled and specially designed for the requirements of linear ion sources that are developed after the anode layer principle. They are available with output voltages of 3 and 5 kV and output power of 6 and 12 kW.
The LITEC series is characterized by a sophisticated arc management, flexibly adjustable via touch panel and due to the water-cooling by an extremely compact design. In addition, both the positive or the negative pole of the output can be connected to ground. To increase the power the LITEC devices can be used in parallel mode.
Used together with a linear anode layer gridless ion source, typical applications are pre-cleaning, etching, surface modification, ion beam sputter deposition (IBD) and ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD).

Technical Data

Input voltage 3 x 400 V AC +/- 10 %
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz +/- 5 %
positive or negative output could be grounded  
Please take the nominal values for voltage, power and current from the selection table  
Touch panel built-in  
Analogue set point 0 – 10 V for voltage/current/power directly proportional
Analogue monitor 0 – 10 V voltage/current/power directly proportional
Digital inputs / outputs enable HV, HV ok, error
RS232 PLC mode or Terminal mode
Field bus please see page options


Pre cleaning

  • Linear ion sources
  • High voltage plasma
  • Glow discharge
  • Plasma pre- / post treatment
  • Physical etching