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The DC UPS series UPSOTEC is capable to provide an uninterruptible power supply as well with batteries as with ultracapacitors. All CEM modules (24 V DC) as well as the battery modules up to 40 Ah can be used in combination with the UPSOTEC series.

The UPSOTEC is the right way to back up a power failure without failures and downtimes in production.
An externally connected battery allows backup times up to the hours. However, if only a short back up time and a maintenance-free energy storage is needed, which is also suitable for high temperatures, the choice falls on an ultracapacitor module. 

The DC-UPS UPSOTEC includes a charging and monitoring system inside the housing, which charges the externally connected energie store. The UPS is supplied by an external regulated DC power supply. In case of an interruption of the DC supply, the energy of the energie store is released unregulated. The load is supplied from the UPS until the voltage drops below the deep discharge limitation. The back-up time depends on the state of charge of the energie store and on the discharge current.

The AKKUTEC 2403 DC has the same Features as the devices of the UPSOTEC series but is especially designed for the use in combination with accumulators.



The power supply has the following characteristics:
  • Mikrocontroller based charging and discharging
  • Charging of battery and ultra capacitor possible (to the batteries / to the capacitors)
  • Monitoring of the mains with potentialfree contacts, LED and USB
  • Display of state of Charge with Signal light
  • Vibration secured wiring with spring-type technique
  • High efficiency
  • Wide temperature range -25 °C up to 50 °C
  • Shutdown input for early stop of the buffering
  • Monitoring of the battery (internal resistance, fuse, presence)
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • USB Interface for monitoring, IC mode an parameterization
  • Monitoring of the energy store operating hours
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UPSOTEC series

DescriptionUPSOTEC 2420UPSOTEC 2440
input voltage24 V DC24 V DC
output voltage24 V DC24 V DC
output current20 A DC40 A DC




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