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Confirmation of compatibility

Due to discontinued components and improvements within the scope of the CIP, the key data of various units have been improved.

Due to the change of the safety standard(s):

EN 60950-1 to

EN 62368-1 and EN 61010-1 and EN 61010-2-201,

we were forced to change the type designations.

(The part no. remains the same)

The changes affect the following units:


Old Designation

New Designation


C-TEC 2410-1

C-TEC 2410   2 kJ


C-TEC 2405-5

C-TEC 2410   5,8kJ


C-TEC 2410-10

C-TEC 2410   13,4 kJ


C-TEC 2408-20

C-TEC 2410   27,6 kJ

The units are mechanically and electrically 100 % compatible.

The efficiency has improved and the buffer time has been significantly extended in some cases

proLITE 850 DRU: New AC UPS for DIN RAIL Assembly

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A particular highlight is the simple installation: it is snapped onto top-hat rails, wired and ready for use.


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