DC USV mit Batterien

Battery charger system with I/U charging characteristics

Micro controller-based battery management

Temperature compensation for charging voltage by means of external sensor module (optional module)

USB interface with appropriate driver unit and TECControl Software of J. Schneider, message contacts may be controlled and a shut down/re-start can be effected

Art.-no. : NBPA0616G01

Technical Data

Nominal input voltage 230 V AC
Frequency 47 ... 63 Hz
Nominal output voltage / Nominal output current 24 V DC / 5 A
Dimensions (H x W x D) 160 mm x 75 mm x 150 mm
Weight 1,6 kg

AKKUTEC 2405-0

without battery

For PB-battery, maintenance free

Buffer time dependet on battery

Dimensions: 160 mm x  75 mm x 150 mm

Weight: ca. 1,0 kg


Article-Number: NBPA0616G01101

AKKUTEC 2405-07

with 7 Ah battery

PB-battery locked, maintenance free

Buffer time: 40 minutes at 100% load

Dimensions: 256 x 340x 183 mm

Weight: 6,5 kg


Article-Number: NBPCN33G1M05

AKKUTEC 2405-12

with 12 Ah battery

PB-battery locked, maintenance free

Buffer time: 60 minutes at 100% load

Dimensions: 256 x 340 x 183 mm

Weight: 9,1 kg


Article-Number: NBPCN33G1M06