Hybrid UPS

for high-current loadable long-term buffering

Art.-no. : NKPG21**G01***

A hybrid UPS consists of an AKKUTEC, a battery system and a C-TEC P with ultracapacitors.

In combination with the battery system, the AKKUTEC provides the desired long-term buffering, e.g. in fire alarm systems, gas warning systems, mains transfer stations and other critical infrastructures. In addition, a C-TEC P is integrated in the hybrid UPS from J. Schneider, with which several safe switching operations with inrush current peaks of up to 25 A are also possible.

Thanks to the various possible combinations of AKKUTEC and C-TEC P units with batteries of different capacities, the hybrid UPS can be designed specifically for your application. 


Mit unserem Dimensionierungstool finden Sie einfach die für Sie passende Kombination der einzelnen Komponenten.


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