AC-UPS with batteries

Ever recurring anomalies of the supply networks treaten the safe operation of sensitive consumers. Data centers, server, Lan nodes and telecommunication systems have to be protected permanently against possible disturbances of the power supply. Sudden power failures and voltage fluctuations can lead to system failures and sever data loss.

Since 1985 J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH is provider of quality UPS systems. Our high quality UPS systems deliver a constant voltage and clean electricity for any kind of consumer. In industry they guarantee the secure and uninterrupted operation of production lines. In the building technology our devices guarantee the readiness of the lighting and fire alarm systems. Sensitive IT infrastructures and data centers profit of modern communication about USB, Ethernet and for example RCCMD, whereby status messages and a controlled shutdown is enabled.

Through the scalability of the UPS systems and the extension possibility of the battery capacity most requirements can be fulfilled. Next to the battery-buffered UPS systems, we have systems with supercaps until a power of xxxkVA. Supercaps are cycle-proof and also feel comfortable in ambient temperatures until 60°C.  These characteristics enable the use of installations in a rough environment in which short bridging times with a clean and constant electricity are desired.

typeOnline UPS with galvanic separationOnline UPS without galvanic separationLine-interactive UPS





Input400 V three-phase230 V single-phase or 400 V three-phase230 V single-phase
Rating8-200 kVA700Va - 80kVA400 - 2000VA


  • PC
  • Casette systems
  • xDSL-connectors
  • entertainment systems
  • Data Center
  • Server Farm
  • Great data base
  • Telekommunications and IT
  • Banks and insurances 
  • oil & gaz
  • power generation
  • water processing
  • prod
  • emergency systems
  • railways
  • airports
  • toll stations
  • Marine
  • low energy consumption 
  • Minimum space requirements
  • modern communication 
  • High degree of availability
  • Low energy consumption 
  • Minimum space requirements
  • Flexible configuration
  • high degree of reliability and robustness
  • individual designed
  • Viessmann
  • Suitable for long bridging times
  • ModBus -and Profibus-support
  • protection at crictical tasks
  • adaptable to the network
  • adaptable at the consumer
  • highest robustness
J. Schneider products
proLITE, proSAFE, proSAFE D (Dual-Rack/Tower), proTECTO, proTECTO q, proTECTO D (Dual-Rack/ Tower)MLM, MLT, MP, MPM, proSAFE D (DUAL-Rack/Tower)proTECTO, MLM, MLT, MP, MPM, proSAFE D (Dual-Rack/Tower), Supercaps USVproTECTO, MLM, MP, MPM, proSAFE D, DUAL-Rack/Tower) Supercaps USV