NBBH 1202

Battery module, 12 V; 2,4 Ah


  • Lifetime according to Eurobat up to 5 years
  • Accumulator sealed
  • maintenance-free
  • installation position any
Art.-no. : Q33G1M05

Technical data

nominal voltage 12 V
capacity 2,4 Ah
dimensions (H x W x D) 96 x 69 x 105 mm
weight 2 kg

product features

  • mounting orientation free available (not standing on top)
  • impact resistant and break-proof plastic housing made of ABS
  • VdS/UL-approval
  • plug valve controlled construction, nearly 100% oxygen recombination at each charging process
  • Electrolyte is bound in glass fiber mat
  • refilling of electrolyte is not necessary
  • operational temperature range at corresponding voltage compensation depending on temperature
  • excellent charging efficiency
  • no dangerous good according to IATA
  • long life duration at low self discharge, 3% each month at 20°C