An impressive example of German engineering you will find in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
The “Makkah Clock” is the world's largest tower clock. The clock is installed in the Mecca Royal Tower which
is the second largest building in the world. Designed was the tower from the architect Bodo Rasch in Leinfeld
/ Germany.
The clock was developed and designed from the company Perrot in Calw / Germany.
The four dials have a Diameter of 43 meters and they are readable in 8 kilometers day and night.
The clockwork motion weight has 21 tonnes each.
The clocks are receiving the time signal from the MAKKAH TIME INSTITUTE. There will be generated the
MAKKAH Time with five cesium clocks. Multiple redundant controllers and fault detection systems ensure
the correct operation.
Here the Calwer clock manufacturer Perrot relies on the reliability of DC UPS Systems from J. Schneider.
The AKKUTEC 19" 2420 series with the battery module SB 100-12 and temperature sensor from
J. Schneider secure in redundant mode of the five high-precision atomic clocks. The AKKUTEC UPS in
combination with the battery modules are able to buffer the solar-powered atomic clocks up to eight hours.