The switch mode power supplies of the VAPTEC series are specially designed for electron-beam evaporation processes. This series contains the actual high voltage power supply NHRR which provides an output voltage of 8 – 10kV at an output power of 3, 5, 10kW as well as the necessary cathode-heat transformer NDRG and the XY-sweep amplifier RNTR.
Furthermore we recently developed a new device technology NHCR (current-fed-push-pull) with a digital regulation. Recently a 2kW, 3kW and 10kW version is available. At the 2kW, 3kW supply the high voltage power supply also includes the cathode heat transformer in one cabinet. The 2kW, 3kW high voltage power supply delivers an output voltage of 8kV and the 10kW an output voltage of 10kV. The integrated cathode transformer of the 2kW, 3kW version provides a heat current of 26A, 35A at an output voltage of 8V DC.
Because for the most evaporation processes an ion-source is used to accelerate the electrons, the necessary Ion supply NDOR was developed within the VAPTEC series.

Selection table

At the power supplies listed in the selection table is part of custom OEM solutions, which can only be obtained through our OEM partners.

High voltage
kV DCmAKWheatingModul Number Article number
ripple generator
825028VDC / 26ANHCR008250NHCR0540E02001
837538VDC / 35ANHCR008375NHCR1036E01001
Filament transformer
V DCAWModul NumberArticle number             
V DCAWModul NumberArticle number
Ion power supply
V DC AWModul NumberArticle number
180640V DC / 25ANDOR18006NDOR0239E01001