Battery buffered DC-UPS 

Type      : AKKUTEC 4810
Art.-No. : NBPA 4810-0347G01


Short Description


The battery backed up DC power supply in the AKKUTEC range uses the standby-parallel principle of operation and, in conjunction with a lead accumulator, ensures that the DC power supply is reliably maintained in the case of a mains power failure.
The power supply has the following features:

·   Switched primary, switched power supply with I/V charging characteristic

·   Active power factor correction (PFC)

·   Microcontroller-based battery management

·   Temperature compensation for charging voltage by means of external sensor module (optional module)

·   Display and control panel for switch cupboard door installation or surface mounting (option)

Technical Data

Rated Input Voltage

230 V version

230V AC –15/+10%

Input Frequency47-63Hz
Max. Switch On Current65A / 3ms
Output Voltage

39.6...52.8V DC

39.6.. 57.2V DC
(during activated boost charging or temperature compensation)
Final Charging Voltage 52.8V DC ±0.4%
Charging CharacteristicI/V DIN 41773-1
Deep Discharge Protection and Load Shedding at39.6V DC ±0.4%
Nominal Output Current10 A DC
Constant Current Limiting1.05...1.1xIANom

 Battery Type

 Pb battery, maintenance-free
Max. Power Loss
82 W


230V Version:
Ua=52.8V DC, Ia=20A and Ue=230V AC



400 V Version:
Ua=26.4V DC, Ia=20A and Ue=400 V AC
88.9 %
Earth Leakage Current<3.5mA

Fuse Protection, Primary

230 V version

5 A slow  (inside unit)

Max. Series Fuse Protection10 A slow

Fuse Protection DC Output Circuit

25 A
Fuse Protection Battery Load Circuit, Secondary25 A
Type of Connector, Primary
‘Netz’ (Mains)
Combicon screw terminal 2.5mm2
Type of Connector, Secondary
‘Ua’, ‘Batt’
Combicon screw terminal 4 mm2
Type of Connector, Interface
Combicon screw terminal 1.5mm2
Type of Connector, Current Share Bus ‘CS’Spring loaded terminal

Mounting bracket for mounting plate

UL approvalsNo
For more details see datasheet.


File Format
3D Model-STP

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