Battery buffered DC-UPS

Typ       :   AKKUTEC 2410-0
Art.-No. :   NBPAN33G1M01


Short Description

The accumulator buffered DC supply works according to the standby parallel principle and guarantees, in connection with a lead accumulator and for a certain amount of time, a safe backup operation of the DC supply in case of a mains failure. The overall output current is split up between consumer supply and lead accumulator charge. The back-up time depends on the state of charge of the accumulators and the discharge current. 

The power supply is characterized by the following properties:

  • Primary switched power supply with I/U charging characteristic
  • Active power factor correction (PFC)
  • Micro-controller supported lead accumulator management
  • RS232 for monitoring and parameterization
  • Optionally temperature tracking of the charging voltage by an external sensor
  • Optionally display and control panel for mount-in cabinet door or built up

    Technical Data

    Nominal input voltage

    230 V AC (±15%)

    Input voltage range for charging operation

    195.5 V … 264.5 V

    Nominal frequency

    47 Hz … 63 Hz

    Power consumption

    350 VA

    Self current consumption

    75 mA @ 24 V

    Max. nominal input current

    1,4 A

    Max. inrush current

    35 A / 2 ms

    Max. nominal output current

    10 A

    Nominal output voltage (in mains operation)

    24 V DC

    Output voltage range (with temperature tracking)

    26,4 V … 27,7 V DC ± 0.4%

    Ausgangsspannung (Starkladung aktiv)

    28,56 V DC

    Charging characteristics

    I/U DIN41773

    Charging end voltage without temp.-Sensor

    26.4 V DC ±0.4%

    Deep discharge protection and load rejection

    19,8 V DC ±0.4%

    Max power loss ‚worst-case‘

    44 W


    88,6% @ (Ue=230 V; Ua=26.4 V DC; Ia=INenn)

    Residual ripple

    < 150 mV eff.

    Internal device protection

    2,5 A (T), 250 V

    Fuse DC-output circuit (external)

    FK2 15 A, or 10 A (T, external)

    Fuse DC-battery circuit (external)

    FK2 15 A, or 10 A (T, external)

    Switching in parallel


    Switching in series


    Max. signal contact load “Netzbetrieb” (mains-OK[1])

    30 V/ 0.5 A potential-free relay-contact

    Max. signal contact load “Sammelstörung” (General error)

    30 V/ 0.5 A potential-free relay-contact

    Max. signal contact load  „Batterie oberhalb“ (Battery above )

    30 V/ 0,5 A potential-free relay-contact

    Max. signal contact load „Batterie innerhalb“ (Battery within)

    30 V/ 0,5 A potentialfree relay-contact

    Max. signal contact load Shut-Down

    24 V DC (16 - 80 V DC)

    floating ground gate input

    Max. signal contact load „Starkladung“ boost charge

    24 V DC (16 - 80 V DC)
    floating ground gate input

    Type of connection:  primary ‘Netz’ (mains)

    Combicon-screw type terminal 2,5 mm²

    Type of connection  secondary ‘Ua’, ‘Batt’

    Combicon-screw type terminal 2,5 mm²

    Type of connection  message contacts IO-1 … 3

    Combicon-screw type terminal 1,5 mm²

    Type of connection  current share bus “CS”

    Spring type terminal 0,5 mm2

    Battery type

    Lead acid accumulator, maintenance-free, max. 170 Ah

    Back-up time

    Accumulator specific

    Protective system


    Operating temperature

    -10 °C … 50 °C

    Storage temperature

    -10 °C … 50 °C

    Rel. humidity

    ≤95% no condensation

    Max. installation altitude

    2000 m above sea level

    Dimensions (HxWxD)

    216,5 mm, 90,5 mm, 175 mm


    1,6 Kg


    Mounting bracket for mounting plate

    UL approvals

    UL 508


    [1] The signal contacts are coupled with LED displays. The illumination of a LED effects the activating of the corresponding relay.

    For more details see datasheet.


    File Format


    Quickstart AKKUTEC 2410-0 + NBBH 2407-PDF
    EPLAN Macro140703edz
    3D Modell-STP

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