Battery buffered DC-UPS AKKUTEC 2403 VdS

Typ       :   AKKUTEC 2403 VdS
Art.-No. :  NBPA0844G01002

Short description

The battery-buffered DC power supply works according the stand-by-parallel principle and ensures together
with a lead-acid battery for a defined time a secure maintenance of the DC supply in case of mains
failure. The total output current is shared between supply of the load and charging of the battery.

Technical Data

Nominal input voltage

110/230 V AC (±15%)

Input voltage range for charging operation

93.5 V … 264.5 V

Nominal frequency

47 Hz … 63 Hz

Power consumption

90 VA

Self current consumption

100 mA @ 24 V

Max. nominal input current

0.5 A

Max. inrush current

35 A / 2 ms

Max. nominal output current

3 A

Nominal output voltage (in mains operation)

24 V DC

Output voltage range (with temperature tracking)

26.4 V … 28.6 V DC ±0.4%

Charging characteristics

I/U DIN41773

Charging end voltage without temp.-Sensor

26.4 V DC ±0.4%

Deep discharge protection and load shedding

20.4 V DC ±0.4%

Max power loss ‚worst-case‘

14 W


85% q (Ue=230 V; Ua=26.4 V DC; Ia=INenn)

Voltage ripple

< 100 mV eff.

Internal device protection

2 A (T), 250 V

Fuse DC-output circuit (external)

5 A(T)

Fuse DC-battery circuit (external)

5 A(T)

Max. signal contact load (mains-OK[1])

30 V/ 0.5 A
potential-free relay-contact

Max. signal contact load (Bat-OK 1 )

30 V/ 0.5 A
potential-free relay-contact  

Max. signal contact load (General fault 1 )

30 V/ 0.5 A
potential-free relay-contact

Max. signal voltage range (Shut-Down)

24 V DC (6-45 V DC)
floating switching input

Accumulator type

Pb-accumulator, maintenance-free
max 2x45 Ah

Back-up time

Accumulator specific

Protective system


Operating temperature

-10 °C … 50 °C

Storage temperature

-10 °C … 50 °C

Rel. humidity

≤95% no condensation

Max. installation altitude

2000 m above sea level

Dimensions (HxWxD)

153 mm, 72 mm, 125 mm


1 Kg


Snap-on mounting for DIN top hat rail

or mounting bracket for mounting plate

UL approvals

UL 508


[1] The signal contacts are coupled with LED display. The illumination of a LED effects the activation of the corresponding relay.



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