IPC Function

Separate adjustment option for contrast and brightness

Art.-no. : IPC1001

The optionally available TECControl software permanently monitors the mains. The C-TEC compensates for so-called mains wipers or brief reductions in the input voltage (brownout).

In the event of a mains failure > 2 seconds, the C-TEC reports the mains failure to the PC. The PC performs a system shutdown after a time to be set. Both the C-TEC and the PC are then switched off. When the mains supply returns, the C-TEC releases the output voltage so that the system can restart automatically. If the mains returns during a shutdown process, the C-TEC still disconnects the PC supply for a short moment so that the PC can then restart without errors.

This function not only allows all mains failures to be handled without problems, but also entire systems can be switched off via the main switch and the C-TEC or the TECControl software take over the complete internal shutdown routine of the system. Downtimes and damage due to an uncontrolled process stop are thus avoided.