The power supplies of the WELTEC series are primary switched and specially developed for e-beam welding and x-ray applications. They are oil cooled / oil isolated and it is possible to integrate the necessary auxiliary supply such as heat or Wehnelt supply. They are available with output voltages of 60kV up to 150kV and with output ratings of 5kW, 10kW and 15KW.

Selection Table


Modul NumberArticle
6016610-WELTEC 060166NHCRXXXXE01001
6033320-WELTEC 060333NHCRXXXXE01001
6016610customizedWELTEC 060166NHCRXXXXE01001
6033320customizedWELTEC 060333NHCRXXXXE01001
1506610-WELTEC 150066NHCRXXXXE01001
15013320-WELTEC 150133NHCRXXXXE01001
1506610customizedWELTEC 150066NHCRXXXXE01001
15013320customizedWELTEC 150133NHCRXXXXE01001