Safe, durable, flexible and powerful With integrated output protection

The buffer power supply AC CAPTEC 2401 from J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH combines the function of a regulated power supply with that of an ultracapacitor buffer module in a very small space. It provides a permanently regulated 24 V 1.3 A. An overload of 5 A for 100 ms and 10 A for 10 ms is possible to support inductive loads and short-term overloads. 0.6 kJ is the energy content of the ultracapacitors that serve as buffer medium in the AC CAPTEC 2401. These are sufficient, for example, to safely buffer 1 A for 27 seconds without interruption.

The buffer power supply also has other product highlights to offer: The integrated operating and charging status display via LEDs and signalling contacts communicates the status of the buffer power supply unit and thus offers the user safety and control. The microcontroller-supported charging and discharging means that the maintenance-free ultracapacitors are treated particularly gently, which extends the service life of the long-life capacitors even further. New are the various setting options with which J. Schneider can optimally adjust the AC CAPTEC for the respective application. It is possible to increase the service life or extend the buffer time by changing the cell voltage. This effect counteracts the shortening of the service life, especially at regularly high ambient temperatures.