The way to defectfree sputtering

 The PLASMATEC series is a highly reliable, primary switch-mode power supply product line. It reveals improved process technology for thin film plasma applications. With this state of the art water-cooled power supplies in IP54, J. Schneider offers different application dedicated systems to suit the specific demand.

PLASMATEC advantages at a glance:

  • current source power supply for best arc handling
  • most sophisticated, flexible and adjustable arc Management with extremely low passiv output energy and a high output power density
  • available in a wide output power range from 3 to 20 kW
  • Output power up to 200 kW in parallel Connection
Ideal for diverse Coating applications for vacuum coating processes
  • hard and decorative Coatings
  • achitectural / industrial glass
  • flat-Panel, semiconductor, data storage, optical-, tribological- and solar applications 

For Magnetron Sputtering Deposition and PECVD Processing

  • DC output voltage
  • for planar Targets
  • ideal decoration coating (metal coating) or functional coating (hard coating, AR Coating)
  • DC or unipolar pulsed Output voltage
  • for planar or rotatable Targets
  • ideal for single Magnetron sputtering applications
  • unipolar pulsed output voltage or asymmetric output voltage
  • regular negative working pulses for thin film Deposition
  • fully adjustable positive pulses including separate ARC detection to enhance the coating processes
  • symmetrical bipolar DC pulsed wide range output voltage
  • for dual Magnetron applications
  • dedicated for defectfree, state-of-the-art processing metals, oxides and nitrides
  • capable of all operating modes: an improved DC Operation pulse, an unipolar pulsed operation and a bipolar pulsed Operation
  • virtually combines all functions in one device
  • extremely flexible power supply

For Pulsed Cathodic Arc Processes

  • the new DC and pulsed DC cathodic ARC supply
  • opens new process Windows for advanced coatings
  • Especially designed for bias applications
  • flexible adjustable Arc Management
  • high power Density
  • incomparable robustness