E-Beam Power-Supply


The VAPTEC series are specially designed for electron-beam evaporation processes. This series contains the high voltage power supply NHCR as well as the necessary cathode-heat transformer NDRG and the XY-sweep amplifier RNTR. The new developed NHCR, is a switched-mode power supply with the state of the art CFC (current-fed-converter) technology within an digital regulation, a configurable ARC management and our patented ARC-current limitation. If an ARC was recognized, the patented ARC-current limitation limits the output current peaks up to max. five times of the rated current. Recently a 2kW, 3kW and 10kW version is available. At the 2kW, 3kW supply the high voltage power supply also includes the cathode heat transformer in one cabinet. The 2kW, 3kW high voltage power supply delivers an output voltage of 8kV and the 10kW an output voltage of 10kV. The integrated cathode transformer of the 2kW, 3kW version provides a heat current of 26A, 35A at an output voltage of 8V DC.
Because for the most evaporation processes an ion-source is used to accelerate the electrons, the necessary Ion supply NDOR was developed within the VAPTEC series. It includes the anode power supply, the filament supply and measurements for the neutralization current. The XY-sweep amplifier RNTR is a power amplifier designed to drive inductive loads. Typically it works as a power source. This power amplifier is used, to drive the coil device of the horizontal deflection circuit of the electron beam for the purpose of uniform material evaporation. Normally in these application the beam should be deflected horizontally in both the X and Y directions. Therefore, the deflection stage has two independent channels.

Basic Technical Data


Input voltage  :  




NHCR: 3 x 400V AC ± 10%

NDRG: 2 x 400V AC ± 10%

NDOR: 3 x 400 V AC ± 10 %

50 / 60 Hz ± 5%


Output NHCR:

Output NDRG: 

Output NDOR: 

continuous, stable adjustment from 0 to rated voltage/current/power

continuous, stable adjustment from 0 to rated current


More details please see selection table below


Analogue set point:

Analogue monitor:

Digital set point / monitor:

RS232 for NHCR: 

Field bus for NHCR: 

0-10V for voltage, current, power directly proportional

0-10 V current, voltage directly proportional


PLC-mode or Terminal-mode

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Selection Table


Maximum  Output RatingModule DimensionCoolingModule NumberArticle Number
High voltage power supply


Filament power supply


(H x W x D)


-825028262083HUx19"x580a)AirVAPTEC008250 NHCR540E03001
-837538352803HUx19"x580a)AirVAPTEC008375 NHCR1036E01001
-105005---4HUx19"x660b)AirVAPTEC010500 NHCR
-10100010---4HUx19"x660b)AirVAPTEC01001k NHCR1001E01001
Filament power supply


Included regulation

VDCAWfilamentemission(H x W X D)
850400yesYes190x238x370mmAirNDRG 0850NDRGL03E1M01
660360yesYes190x238x370mmAirNDRG 0660NDRG0422E01001
660360yesno190x238x370mmAirNDRG 0660NDRG0506E02001


Anode power supply


Filament power supply

18061080402510004HU x 19" xAirNDOR 180006NDOR0239E01001
Input voltage Ui

Output voltage Uo (2 channels)
=Ui-2.50-3A3HU x 21TE x 300mmAirRNTR 2403RNTRL45EM01