Customized Solutions

This catalogue only contains our standard product portfolio of power supplies for High Voltage- and Vacuum-Process applications. Should you did not find any power supply which comes up to your application or your specification, please let us know and do not hesitate to contact us. Many power supplies we sell are indeed customized power supplies. Often it is possible to modify a standard power supply to meet your specific requirements. Should this not be possible, we are pleased to develop and produce a customized solution for your application. Therefore at J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH a staff of high sophisticated development engineers is available.

Enclosed some examples for customized solutions:






Capacitor Charger CAPTEC
35kV / 63kW / 31,5kJ




High voltage supply
1,5kV AC / 5000mA / 38,5kHz ignition voltage ~ 2kV
3,0kV AC / 2500mA / 38,5kHz ignition voltage ~ 4kV





MIUR 3 channel Emission current
measurement for 10 kV DC / 1A per Channel







3kV DC / 1mA High Voltage power supply
for isolation Tests









10kV DC / 10kW Electron beam power supply
with integrated sweep generator ± 500V, 3,5Hz