Short description

The battery buffered DC power supply is working according the stand-by parallel mode and ensures in connection with a lead-acid accumulator a safe continuous DC power supply during a determined time interval in case of mains failure. The total output current is shared between supply of the loads and charging of the batteries.

Technical Data 

nominal voltage: 230 VAC (-15% / +10%)
nominal frequency:47 Hz up to 63 Hz
power consumption:380 VA, max.
input current    1.8 A (at 12A output)
inrush current: 35 A / 2 ms, max.

Output voltage

(depending on the state of charge

of the battery voltage range)

- with temperature tracking

19,8V DC-27,8V DC

- without temperature tracking19,8V DC-26,8V DC

nominal output current

(incl. battery charging current according to VdS):

12 A, max.
deep discharge protection and load rejection: 20,4 VDC, ± 0,4%

final charging voltage    

Without temp.- sensor


26,8 V DC ± 0,4%

with Temp.- Sensor

at 25°

27,1V DC ± 0,4%
efficiency:     89 %
contact load relay: 30 VDC / 0,5 A, potentialfree relay contact
type of battery: lead-acid battery, maintenancefree
environmental temperature:-5°C up to 40°C (observe life duration of battery)
storage temperature-5°C up to 50°C
dimensions (HxWxD): 608 x 464 x 213mm
weight:   12,5kg without battery
protective system housing:IP30
fuse mains:2,5A, slow acting, 250V, switch level 1500A
fuse DC-battery circuit 15A, FK2 / FKS
fuse consumer: single max. 10A, FK2 / FKS, total max. 15A



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3D-Model Housing090605STP

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