Short description  

The accumulator buffered DC supply works according to the standby parallel principle and guarantees, in connection with a lead accumulator and for a certain amount of time, a safe backup operation of the DC supply in case of a mains failure. The overall output current is split up between consumer supply and lead accumulator charge.

The power supply is characterized by the following properties:

•           Primary switched power supply with I/U charging characteristic

•           Micro-controller supported lead accumulator management

•          Temperature adjustment of the charging voltage by an external sensor.




Technical Data 

mains voltage:230 V AC (-15 % / +10 %)
mains frequency:47 Hz up to 63 Hz
power consumption:60 VA, max.
input current:0,3 A max.
inrush current:35 A / 2 ms

output voltage (depending on battery charge condition)

voltage range

- with temperature sensor                

- without temperature sensor 



19,8 V DC - 27,8 V DC

19,8 V DC - 26,8 V DC

nominal output current (incl. battery charging current):1,6 A max.
deep discharge protection and load rejection:20,4 V DC, ± 0,4 %
charging characteristics:

I/U DIN 41773 part 1

opt. temperature sensor

charge end voltage  

- without temperature sensor 

- with temperature sensor @ 25°


26,8 V DC ± 0,4 %

27,1 V DC ± 0,4 %

charging characteristics:I/U DIN 41773-1
efficiency:typ. 78 %
contact load transistor:30 V DC / 10 mA, potentialfree half conductor contact
type of battery:lead acid accumulator, maintenance-free, 2,3 Ah
environmental temperature:-5°C up to 40°C (observe life duration of battery)
storage temperature:-5°C up to 50°C
dimensions with cover (hxwxd):204 mm x 200 mm x 80 mm
weight:3,2 kg
protective system housing: IP30
fusing mains:4 A, slow acting, 250 V, switch level 1500 A
fusing DC-battery circuit:2,5 A slow acting


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