Shutdown Software TECControl

The TECControl software continuously monitors both the network and the charge status of the UPS energy
storage system.
In case of mains failure, the IPC shuts the system down after a pre-definable time. Both the UPS and the
IPC will then be switched off. Once mains power is restored, the UPS releases the output voltage, allowing
the system to restart automatically.


Additional to the Windows-Software, a version with a Windows-Service is available. Software with Windows-Service on request. E-Mail:



Installation TECControl Software

TECControl History Versions

Version Software
Operating Systems**
.net framework
181117Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 104.0 client profil0441G20B02-190529
120718*Windows XP, Vista, 73.51113G01B02-121020
111205*Windows 2000, 98, ME, XP, Vista, 72.01113G01B02-120619
070822*Windows NT, 2000, 98, ME, XP-0441G01B02-070822

 *No support for old Versions

**The software is running under 32 and 64 bit systems