AEMTEC - Active Energy-Manager

The AEMTEC, which is the heart of J. Schneider's DUC system can be used in several ways. In combination with J. Schneider's capacitor buffer modules the AEMTEC builts a system, which includes a lot of advantages for the user. It is already configurated on power, energy and number of uses, so that the customer receives a configurated, wired ready for connection system cabinet in protective System IP 54.

Main Applications

manage braking energy

fast cycles and large mass overcharge the electronic drive unit. The DUC system avoids failures of the electronik drive unit and thus eliminates unscheduled downtimes.

increase of the effiency
reduction of peak loads
high costs are generated because of high Peak loads because of acceleration with high load. The DUC provides the necessary energy directly out of the ultra capacitors. 
Reduction of the mains supply rating.
manage voltage drops
voltaqe drops normally lead to the destruction of the expensive workpart. With the DUC the machine can be brought to a safe status.