CEM 24-2

Capacitor Extension Module

Type       :   CEM 24-2
Art.-No.  :   NCBA0739G01002

Short description

The CEM module is used to increase the buffer energy for the devices C-TEC 2403-05; 2403-1; 2420-8 and 2440P
as well as for the devices AC C-TEC 2403-05; AC C-TEC 2403-1; AC C-TEC 2403-1-400; AC C-TEC 2420-8.
The C-TEC monitors and controls the charging and discharging of the extension modules.

Technical Data

Nominal input voltage

24 V DC

Input voltage range

0... 26,4 V DC

0...24 V DC +10%

Buffer capacity

2 kJ

Nominal input current

3 A DC

Nominal output current

3 A DC

Fusing input

3 A T (PTC internal) 

Fusing DC Ootput circuit

3 A T (PTC internal)

Type of connection input ,C+/C-'

Spring terminal max. 1,0mm²

Type of connection output ,C+/C-'

Spring terminal max. 1,0mm² 

Protective system

IP 20 and EN 60529

Storage temperature

- 40... 60  °C

Environmental temperature

- 40... 60 °C

Relative humidity95 % non-condensing
Max. mounting height (without load reduction)2000 m above sealevel
Dimensions (H x W x D)

92,5 mm x 60 mm x 116 mm


0,65 kg


Snap-on mounting for DIN top hat rail

Norms and Regulations

EN 50178  / EN 60950 

UL approvals

UL 508


For more details see datasheet.


File Format


3D Model-SAT
EPLAN Macro140703edz

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