VdS-series / certification according VdS

for the use in fire alarm systems, automatic openable vents for smoke and heat, speech alarm systems

Accumulators are not in included in the delivery and must be ordered separately
All cabinet versions with 3 A output voltage are equipped with fuse boards with 5 fuses.
All cabinet versions above 3 A output voltage are equipped with fuse boards with 10 fuses.
All cabinet version include a temperature sensor for voltage tracking.
battery fuse up to 12 A version included on fuse board.


Norms:for the use in automatic fire alarm systems
DIN EN 54-4energy supply systems for fire alarm systems / speech alarm systems
DIN EN 12101-10:2006-01
DIN EN 12101-10:2009-07
energy supply systems in smoke and heat venting systems
VdS 2541:1996-12energy supply constructions
VdS 2203:2001-03software controlled system parts
VdS 2344:2005-12 procedure and qualification directives

VdS certificate


Input voltage115/230 VAC (95V – 265 VAC)230 VAC (-15% / +10%)
Output voltage24 VDC (21,6 … 28,3V ±0,4%)24V
Output current3 A12 A