Temperature sensor MTIAQ

Lead batteries have in case of stand-by operation a temperature coefficient of approx.- 3mV per °C

temperature rise and cell. The final charging voltage is determined in the way that a recharge of the batteries in a temperature range of 15 – 45°C is gu aranteed. For applications, which are subject to strong fluctuant or very deep temperatures, the final charging voltage should be adapted respectively to avoid an over-charge of the batteries (danger of gas!). As well in case of very deep environmental temperatures (Te < 15°C) the voltage tracking should ensure a sufficient battery charge. By connecting the temperature sensor at the terminal ‘temp’ connection 1 and 2 the voltage tracking is activated automatically.

According to the environmental temperature fluctuation the final charging voltage and therefore also the output voltage varies from 27,85 - 26,3 V DC. Battery temperatures above 45°C are indicated with the erase of the LED ’Batt OK’.

Option module for the following devices

  • AKKUTEC 2402
  • AKKUTEC 2403
  • AKKUTEC 2405
  • AKKUTEC 2412
  • AKKUTEC 1203
  • AKKUTEC 1208
  • AKKUTEC 4801
  • AKKUTEC 4803
  • AKKUTEC 4803 VdS


Article number
Cable length
MTIAQ33G3M01Temperature sensor1 m
MTIAQ33G3M04Temperature sensor2,5 m
MTIAQ33G3M05Temperature sensor3,25 m



File Format
EPLAN MacroMTIAQ33G3M01140703edz
EPLAN MacroMTIAQ33G3M04140703edz
EPLAN MacroMTIAQ33G3M05140703edz

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