Temperature sensor MTIAL

Art.-No.: MTIAL33G5M01





For battery voltage tracking.

The life span of batteries is indicated at a temperature of 20°C. Temperatures over 20°C at the batteries lead to a drastic reduction of the life span of the batteries.

Through the tempearture-sensor, attached on the AKKUTEC at IO-1 clamp 1 and 2, the final charging voltage will be adapted on the ambient temperature automatically. A temperature rise at the batteries are showed and announced.

  • battery measurement every minute
  • Announcement via LED and potential free contacts at exceeding the limit temperature
  • presenting ao the temperature about the display, control and indicator panel (option)
  • assembly versions:
    • on battery mounting
    • attachment on battery extern over "assembly-kit" (contain in the scope of supply)


Option module for the following devices

  • AKKUTEC 2410
  • AKKUTEC 2420
  • AKKUTEC 2440
  • AKKUTEC 1210
  • AKKUTEC 4810


File Format
EPLAN Macro140703edz

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