Battery buffered DC-UPS 

Type      : AKKUTEC 4806
Art.-No. : NBPA1630G01***


Short Description

The accumulator buffered DC supply works according to the standby parallel principle and guarantees, in connection with a lead accumulator and for a certain time interval, a safe upkeep of the DC supply in case of a mains failure. The overall output current is split up between consumer supply and lead accumulator charge.

The power supply is characterized by the following properties:

  • Switching power supply with I/U charging characteristic
  • aktiv power factor correction (PFC)
  • Micro-controller supported lead accumulator management
  • RS232 for monitoring and parameterization
  • Temperature adjustment of the charging voltage by an external sensor

Technical Data

Nominal input voltage

230 V AC (±15%)

Input voltage range for charging operation

195,5 V … 264,5 V

Nominal frequency

47 Hz … 63 Hz

Power consumption

380 VA

Self current consumption

35 mA @ 48 VDC oder 6,4W @ 230 VAC

Max. nominal input current

1,95 A

Max. inrush current

35 A / 2 ms

Max. nominal output current

6 A

Nominal output voltage (in mains operation)

48 V DC

Output voltage range (with temperature tracking)

43,2 V … 57,2 V DC ±0,4%

Charging characteristics

I/U DIN41773

Charging end voltage  (without Temp.-Sensor)

52,8 V DC ±0,4%

Deep discharge protection and load rejection

40,8 V DC ±0,4%

Max power loss ‚worst-case‘

40 W


89% @ (Ue=230 V; Ua=52,8 V DC; Ia=INenn)

Residual ripple

< 150 mV eff.

Internal device protection

2,5 A (T), 250 V

fuse DC-output circuit (external)

7,5 A (T, UL-248)

Fuse DC-Battery circuit (external)

7,5 A (T, UL-248)

Connection in parallel


Conncection in series


Max. signal contact load (Mains-OK2 )

60 V/ 0.5 A

potential-free relay-contact

Max. signal contact load (Bat-OK2)

60 V/ 0.5 A

potential-free relay-contact

Max. signal contact load (General Fault2)

60 V/ 0.5 A
potentialfreier Relais-Kontakt

Max. signal voltage range (Shut-Down)

48 V DC (6-45 V DC)
floating switching input

Accumulator type

Pb-accumulator, maintenance-free,
max. 200 Ah

Back-up time

Accumulator specific

Protective system


Operating temperature

-10 °C … 50 °C

Storage temperature

-10 °C … 50 °C

Rel. Humidity

≤95% no condensation

Max. installation altitude

2000 m above sea level

Dimensions (HxWxD)

155 mm, 95 mm, 183 mm


1.5 Kg


Snap-on mounting for DIN top hat rail

or mounting bracket for mounting plate

UL approvals No


File Format


STEP drawing 200804STP
STEP drawing with mounting flange200804STP

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