The AKKUTEC SVC (Special Voltage Charger) is a charging unit for lead accumulator, which has several connection possibilities. 32 pieces of 12 Volt blocks, which amount to a total voltage of 450 Volt can be connected at the most. 5 blocks with a total voltage of 60 Volt are pre-defined as minimum. Other versions are specified in table 1.3 Optionen. The charging is realized temperature controlled. The PC software  paraTEC-UCC enables the adjustement of any number of accumulators.
The unit can be used in systems, in which high mechanical stress and temperature variations occur. Because it is part of a safety concept of the systems, it has additional safety systems and analysis possiblities.
With the PC software paraTEC-UCC it is possible to parameterize the charger and to monitor the operation. Additionally the operational mode can be selected, this allows the switch over from AKKUTEC SVC to UCC-TEC.
The back-up time depends on the state of charge of the accumulators and of the discharge current.

The AKKUTEC SVC is characterized by the following properties:

  • high mechanical stability
  • high operation temperature range 
  • serial interface terminals for the connection of a PC (RS485) (for data transfer, parameterization
    service functions, remote control and so on.) and for the connection to further AKKUTECs
  • Special noise immunity
  • integration in SPS via RS485 respectively message contacts possible
  • battery monitoring
  • Potential-free relays message contacts
  • Potential-free open-collector-message outputs

Technical Data 



Nominal input voltage

400 V AC ± 15 %

Input voltage range

340 V – 460 V AC

Input frequency

45 – 65 Hz

Rated current

0,8 A AC (Ue = 400 V AC)

max. inrush current

15 A / 0,5 ms

max. fusing

Safety fuse 3 x 4 A T automat Typ C3

Power factor AC-input

0,65 - 0,75 capacitive

Crest factor (AC)-input

2,0 - 2,5



Nominal output voltage Un

450 V … 60 V DC

Nominal output current

2 A DC

Short-circuit current

2 A DC

Charging characteristics

Constant current 2 A DC; with derating 0,5 A DC

General Data


max. power loss ‘Worst-Case’

90 W (Ua = 450 V DC)

efficiency Ua=225 V DC, Ia= 4.5 A
and Ue=400 V AC

typ. 90 %

Back discharged current (without mains)

< 50 mA

Earth leackage current

< 3,5 mA

Protective system

IP 20 u. EN 60529


7 kg

Storage temperature

-40 … 70 °C

Operational temperature

-30 … 40 °C


Max. 95 % (condensation not permissible)

max. mounting heigth (at 400-720 Volt)

2000 above sea level


230 x 125 x 255 (H x B x T in mm)




Quickstart UCC-TEC 450-3.5-PDF
3D Modell standard-STP
3D Modell verstärkt-STP

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