The UCC-TEC (Ultra Capacitor Charger) is a charging device which mainly was designed to charge ultracapacitor modules. The latest version can also charge batteries. Different connection types for the modules are possible: up to five modules with a maximum total voltage of 450 V. The unit can be built in systems, in which big mechanic stress and temperature variations occur. Because it is part of the safety concept of the systems, it includes additional safety systems and diagnostic possibilities.  With the PC Software paraTEC-UCC it is possible to parameterize the charger and to switch over between the two charging operations. Additionally the operation of the chargers can be monitored with the software.   


The UCC-TEC has the following features:

  • Great mechanical stability
  • Wide working temperature range
  • Particularly immune against electrical interferences
  • 2 serial interface ports for connecting a computer (EIA 485) (for data exchange, parameter assignment, service functions, remote monitoring, etc.) and for linking other UCC‟
  • Integration in PLC possible via RS485 or signalling contacts
  • Individual monitoring of the UC modules regarding temperature, polarity reversal and overvoltage
  • Capacity measuring and limit monitoring
  • Optimum charging of the UC modules with constant current
  • Charging stop in case of the UC being overcharged, excess temperature and polarity reversal
  • Isolated relay signalling contacts
  • Optically isolated open collector signal outputs


  • Emergency supply for Pitch Control
  • UPS for inverter buffer
  • Other buffering of DC power supplies

Technical Data

nominal input voltage

400 V AC 45 – 65 Hz

input voltage range

340 V – 460 V AC 400 V AC -15 % / + 15%

rated module voltage

1,7 A AC (Ue=400V AC)

max. inrush current

15A / 0,5ms

Power factor AC-input

0,65-0,75 capacitive

Crest factor (AC)-input


Nominal output voltage Un

10 V... 450 V DC

charging time at full charging, max.   1)

10F Module: 5 min (25°C)

nominal output current

3,5 A DC

short circuit current

3,5 A DC

charging characteristics

constant current 3,5 A DC with derating 2,5 A DC

voltage change during measurement of capacity

Un –5,0 / +4,0 V DC

measurement of capacity

1. measurement: When Un is reached
2. measurement: 30 min at 1. measurement

more measurements each 24 hours
(after each mains failure, repeat of sequency)

max. power loss  ‘Worst-Case’

185W (Ua = 450 V DC)




File Format


Quickstart UCC-TEC 450-3.5-PDF
3D Model standard-STP
3D Model reinforced-STP

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