Battery module NBBH 24120

Battery type NBBH 24120
Art.-No. NBBH0336G01017




product features
  • mounting orientation free available (not standing on top)
  • impact resistant and break-proof plastic housing made of ABS
  • VdS/UL-approval
  • plug valve controlled construction, nearly 100% oxygen recombination at each charging process
  • Electrolyte is bound in glass fiber mat or in gel
  • refilling of electrolyte is not necessary 
  • non-corroding high power grid plates with lead-calcium corrosion
  • wide operational temperature range at corresponding voltage compensation depending on temperature
  • charging Efficiency very good
  • no dangerous good according to IATA
  • conformity to EN 61056-2
  • long life duration at low self discharge, 3% each month at 20°C
  • required air flow capacity Q according to EN 50272-2, part 8.2 at charging with IU- or U-charging characteristics

If the batteries are not installed and put into operation at once, it is recommended to leave them in the box and store them at a cool, clean and dry place.

In case of storage longer than 6-9 month from the date of production, the batteries need a supplementary charging before a possible putting into operation. 

Accumulator set incl. battery fixation and battery fuse, closed, maintenance-free, mounting orientation free available.

Technical Data
art.-No. NBBH0336G01017
battery typeNBBH 24120
nominal voltage [V]24
capacity [Ah]120
2 battery sets with
height [mm]170
width [mm]400
depth [mm]210
weight [kg]


weight of leads [kg]23,1
Life Duration according to Eurobat up to 5 years
Accumulator, closed, maintenance-free, mounting orientation freee available
article number452011.47452011.20452011.36452011.22452011.2452011.4452011.8452011.9452011.40452011.53452011.59452011.6

battery type

nominal voltage (V)121212121212121212121212
capacity (Ah)1,32,271217244065100120150200
height (mm)59679495167127170179215222240218
width (mm)97178151151181165197350171171172522
depth (mm)4335659877175165167330330485238
weight (kg)0,851,052,43,85,79,212,222,232






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