Back-up Modules with Ultra-Capacitors

J.Schneider offers not only the Ultracapacitor-Modules (UC-Modules), but also the right charger depended on the application. In this way you will get a concerted System from a single source.

If you will not find the right UC-Modul from our standard, we can develop a special one for you. It doesn’t matter if you need a special cabinet or electrical value. We will help you to find the right UC-Modul for your application.


  • Emergency supply for Pitch Control (only models with monitoring)
  • UPS for inverter buffer
  • Other buffering of DC power supplies


Back-up modules with passive balancing (for DC-UPS)

Art.-designation                      CEM 1CEM 2CEM8CEM16CEM12V06CEM12V12


voltage V24V24V24V24V12V12V
energy kJ
current A3A3A20A20A3A3A



Art.-designationC-TEC 120 - 7,5 FC-TEC 50 - 36 FC-TEC 90 - 10 FC-TEC 90 - 20 F
UA V0 ... 120 V DC0 ... 50 V DC0 ... 90 V DC0 ... 90 V DC
rating kJ54 kJ45 kJ28 kJ55 kJ
current A40 A100 A50 A76 A



Back-up modules with passive balancing and monitoring

Additional monitoring of the solitary cells of the UC-module concerning:

  • voltage
  • polerization
  • temperature

error messages via potentialfree contact.


Art.-designationC-TEC 90 - 10 FMC-TEC 90 - 20 FM

UA V0 ... 90 V DC0 ... 90 V DC
rating kJ

28 kJ

55 kJ
current A50 A76 A



Back-up modules with monitoring and forced balancing

If necessary switch-on of forced balancing.


Art.-designationC-TEC 30-250 MFC-TEC 30-250 MF-CF
UA V30 V DC30 V DC
rating kJ112 kJ112 kJ
current A150 A150 A



CMS unit 

Art.-designationCMS unit

rating kJ
current A