AC UPS systems with ultra-capacitors

UPS Systems with batteries have high requirements to the environmental temperature.
In order to enable the batteries to achieve theri max. lifetime of 3-5 years for Standard batteries of 8-10 years for Long life batteries, the optimal environmental temperature has to bei 20°C.

In comparison to the batteries ultracondensators have a life expectancy of 20 years at 35°C. Thereby automatically the complete lifetime of the machine is covered, without a single Exchange of the condensators.
At a UPS systesm with batteries, an Exchange Action up to 6 accumulators would be necessary in this time.

UPS Systems with ultracondensators are ideal for harsh environmental condition and for bridging time in range of seconds. Just in sensible production centers high costs arise through high costs for tools-and material trash, this can be prevented by the use of a UPS systems with ultracondensators.


  • lifetime of 20 years at 35°C
  • absolute maintenance-free
  • > 1 Million charging cycles are possible
  • no deep discharge protection of self-discharge and so on
  • obvious lower weigth in relation to batteries
  • free of gases, assembly in hermetically completed casing
  • any Installation position



TypeproTECTO C 1000proTECTO C 3000
Input220 / 230 / 240 V220/230/240 V
Output 230 V230 V
Rating1000 VA3000VA



Higher ratings





Inputsingle-phasesingle-phase or three-phasethree-phasethree-phase
Outputsingle-phase single-phasethree-phase                  three-phase
Rating5- 10 kVA10 - 20 kVA10 - 80 kVA100 - 200 kVA**

* Also available with monitoring (single cell measurement) and additional forced balancing

** The 200 kVA unit is switched in parallel to 800 kVA