UPS for Installation in Cabinet

For the development of the q models, we have combined our many years of experience in control cabinet construction with our knowledge in the field of AC UPS systems in order to find the best solution for installation in the control cabinet. The AC UPS systems from J. Schneider Elektrotechnik offer the advantages of modern online continuous converter UPS systems according to IEC / EN 62040-3 (VFI-SS-111). In addition, our q models are ideally suited for installation in the control cabinet, particularly due to their design. The batteries can be integrated up to a certain size or installed as a separate battery module at the bottom of the control cabinet.

Type proTECTO q 700 - 3000 proTECTO RT q
4000 - 10000
Input230 V AC single-phase230 V AC single-phase
Output230 V AC230 V AC
Power       700 - 3000 VA4000 - 10000 kVA