MLT 10 - 120 kVA



Short description

On-Line UPS-system in double conversion technology according to IEC / EN 62040-3 (VFI-SS- 111) with sinus soidal output voltage in each operation mode, LCD display, RS232 interface, USB connection, alarm contacts, emergency stop function, 2 slots for communication cards, shutdown-software for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/ Vista, Novell und Linux system software. Optionally up to 6 systems may be switched in parallel. The operation modes on-line, line-interactive, smart active or emergency supply (Standby) can be adjusted with the means of the display. Back-up time of the system can be increased by connecting additional external battery modules.

Technical Data 

MLT 10
MLT 12
MLT 15
MLT 20

MLT 30

MLT 40
MLT 60MLT 80MLT 100
MLT 120
nominal rating in kVA1012152030406080100120
nominal rating in kW910,813,5182736547290108
back-up time in minutes
100% load556696886
50% load27221616
number of phases3 + N
nominal voltage380/400/415 V

input voltage tolerance

at 100% load

+/-20% (320-480V at 400V nominal voltage)

input voltage tolerance at 50% load

-40% / +20% (240-480V at 400V nominal voltage)
nominal frequency50 or 60 Hz automatical recognition
tolerance of frequency+/-20% (40-72Hz)
nominal input current (3-phase)15172229
max. input current (3-phase) 20242938547096125182215
inrush current<IN (Softstart) 
power factor(cos φ)≥0,99
harmonical distortion(THDI)≤3%




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