Online UPS systems with galvanic separation

Modern UPS-systems in online technology with permanent and double conversion supply protected systems mains independent and reliable with perfect sinussoidal voltage. The input voltage is filtered 100 %, the output voltage is permanently constant, the supply of the load is absolutely uninterrupted. So UPS systems in online respectively double or permanent conversion technology provide the most possible protection for each critical load. This technique guarantees the highest availability.

typeMPM 10-100MP 10-80MP 100-200MP 100-500 HIP



Input400 V AC three-phase400 V AC three-phase400 V AC three-phase400 V AC threephase
Output400 V AC400 V AC400 V AC400 V AC
Rating10-100 kVA10-80 kVA100-200 kVA100-500 kVA