Line-Interactive UPS systems

In line-interactiv AC-UPS-systems, the fluctuations of the mains voltages are regulated to a value which is tolerable for the consumer. Mains ressources are utilized in an optimum way because the load is switched not at once to the battery in case of voltage drops. This increases the life duration of the battery. Nevertheless they protect against five of the nine often appearing voltage problems, which may cause damage to your system or your data: mains failure, voltage drop, voltage surge, low voltage, overvoltage.

Line - Interactive UPS - systems are suitable to protect stand-alone computer or server. 

J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH offers the following line-interactive UPS-systems:

TypeproLITE 400 - 800proSAFE VproSAFE 19"proSAFE D
Input230 V AC single-phase230 V AC single-phase230 V AC single-phase230 V AC single-phase
Output230 V AC square-wave output230 V AC sinussoidal230 V AC sinussoidal230 V AC sinussoidal
Rating400 - 800 VA800 - 2000 VA500 - 1100 VA1500 - 3000 VA