Technische Informationen

Norms and Regulations

Norms and regulations such as VDE, EN, IEC, UL/CSA, Nema, GL, LRoS, BV, DNV, ABS... or your own company norms build the foundation during construction, production and testing.


For protection against environmental influences, for mechanical hardening and for an optimum heat conductivity the transformers and coils are impregnated with a polyester resin and are hardened at 140°C for several hours. Depending on the requirements a continuous resin impregnation is obtained under vacuum.

Cooling methods

  • air cooled
  • forced cooled
  • water cooled
  • oil cooled

Modernest Materials

We use modernest material to solve the small and the big problems of our customer. The range of the sheets we use for our 90°, 45° or Steplap-cores includes low-priced sheets or high performed cornoriented sheet.

Wether round, flat or band material, wether copper or aluminium conductor, our manufacturing facilities are nearly without borders. High-performed conductor and interlayer insulation stand for high safety, even after long operating times.