Oil-insulated Transformers - Reactors

Oil-insulated starting transformers, oil-starting reactors or special transformers with water-oil heat exchanger - there are no limits to the multifaceted range of applications.



The type of transformer cooling depends on the requirements defined. Therefore, besides the classic version of natural air cooling (ONAN), we also offer versions with forced-cooling with oil/water heat exchanger (ONWF).

Optimized energy balance


That is our answer to the future questions regarding the energy balance. With our Effimorph line of transformers, we reduce the no-load losses to the minimum, thus reducing as much as possible the related CO2 emissions. This distribution transformer or converter transformer operates with currently the lowest possible core losses overall.

Oil-insulated solutions 

We manufacture oil-insulated transformers, as smoothing or starting transformer, high-voltage rectifier unit or a special customized converter transformer, individually for your specific applications.