Modern Facility Equipment

In addition to our key success factor - our highly trained and continually educated skilled workers - we work with modern facility equipment to meet the customer's equirements:


Our Facility Equipment:

Baker-instrument24000 V testing of winding with power amplifier without destruction

strain test equipment with measurement of torque

VIP-Expert, 1 and 2 level balancing

infrared camera

Laser adjustment unit

cardan shaft adjustment unit

fan belt adjustment unit

sandblast cleaning and high pressure cleaning system

collector moulding cutter, unit for measurement of roughness

turning machines up to a height of 500mm and a width of 3000mm

Schenk-balancing bank - up to 3000 kg - up to 6000 mm span length - up to 2800 mm diameter

load device

load magnet coils

winding machines

winding robot

drying oven up to 10 m3

vacuum impregnation system

presses up to 400t